33 Weeks - July 27, 2009

Only 6 more weeks! These are going to be the longest weeks ever! Getting really uncomfortable at work. No swelling but it’s just hard getting comfortable. Over the weekend I have been getting things washed and cleaned for the baby. Organizing is fun when it’s for a baby.
My birthday is this week and Chad is planning on taking me to lunch at O’Charley’s on Thursday. I had a steak and baked potato a few weekends ago and have been craving it again. It was soooooo good.
Wednesday towards the end of the day I felt weird, uncomfortable and tired. Just not myself. Once I got home I didn’t feel well at all. Chad gave Lucas a bath and I went to bed around 7. I was up all throughout the night not feeling good. Thursday morning diarrhea set in and I felt horrible. Forget that it's my birthday! I called out sick, took a Phenergan and slept ALL day. Friday still didn’t feel well so I tried to get up and move around and thought that would make me feel better. I just couldn't do it. The house was a mess but I just didn't have the strength to do anything. My friend Kylene came over for a while and after she left I took a nap. By that night I had thrown up once but it was a tone of fluid. I tried to keep drinking but there was no way to catch up after that. Friday night was horrible. Finally by Saturday morning I called Chad (who was out garage saling) and asked him to take me to the ER. He had asked me before but I declined thinking only about how much money it would probably cost us. How stupid could I have been? So the whole way to the hospital I’m praying that God will help me feel better. We checked in and I started feeling ill. I asked where the bathroom was and the clerk handed me her trash can. I’m glad she did because I got really sick. I had no idea where all the liquid was from since I felt dry as a bone. They got me in a room and tested my urine and hooked me up to an IV. Nurse returned and drew my blood. It didn’t look good at all for me but the baby was totally happy. I was spilling ketones in my urine and my white blood cells were low. I was really dehydrated. Never knew diarrhea could make you be dehydrated. Duh! I definitely learned my lesson. I kept thinking I was going to be fine. Anyway, after being there for a few hours and 2 to 3 bags of IV fluids they decided to keep me over night. I still had ketones in my urine therefore still being dehydrated. So they moved me to a permanent room for me to continue being pumped with fluids. By Sunday afternoon I had had 7 bags of IV fluid! It was very miserable dragging the IV pole with me every time I had to pee and that was a HECK of a lot. Anyway, they took GREAT care of me and sent me on my way. It was sort of a trial run of when the real thing happens. We brought the laptop to the hospital and were able to get online. So after the baby is born we should have pics on the website as soon as I feel like putting them on there. I’m really excited about that.

Week 32 - July 20, 2009

Mark your calendars!!!! This baby will be born on September 8th, 2009, unless she or he decides to come before then. I’m kind of hoping so because I can’t wait to meet them but I’ll wait another 7 weeks. It really is going fast. It will be September before you know it.
I had my doctor’s appointment today and everything is going fine. Still measuring 2 weeks ahead. Feeling just a little swollen with tight fingers and feet off and on. I gained 3 ½ lbs this visit which makes a total of 11 lbs gained. :( I was trying to keep it under 15 but under 20 is still “okay”. That will be a little over half of what I gained with Lucas. I gained 52 with Lucas!!!!!
Complaint of the week is this shooting pain in my back on the left side. Certain movements send shooting, stabbing pains in my back, so intense I have to yell out. It’s just a sudden onset of pain. I guess it’s the way the baby is laying??? Today it seems to be a little better. Maybe it’s because I’ve been sleeping on the couch. It seems as though every time I crawl into bed Chad is snoring and I cannot get to sleep!!! Last night I got little sleep because either he was waking me up because I was snoring, I’d wake up to his snoring or Lucas was crying out in his sleep! (giggle) It’s awful. I’m exhausted today. Can’t wait to go home and hit the hay. Hopefully Lucas will co-operate with me!
Second complaint is I am growing out of all my clothes. I don't know what I'm going to do. This baby is only going to get bigger. Just about all my maternity clothes I can barely wear now will be unwearable in a few weeks. Frustrating!!! I guess I'll go find some sort of moo-moo to wear.
Third complaint is I'm feeling fat and ugly. I guess all pregnant women go through this. It would be okay if I didn't have this huge, honkin nose!!! Why does my nose get this big? They say the extra blood volume and then your mucous membranes swell. So I guess that's the reason. As long as it goes down after delivery I'll be fine. If not there is definitely a nose job in my future, for sure!

Week 31 - July 13, 2009

Yah!!! I finally broke down and got my hair cut. It has been a year since I got it cut and boy did she cut a lot off.
Week 31? This pregnancy has gone fast but when I think of 8 more weeks/September 8th it seems like forever!!! I don’t want to wish my life away or the summer, I love summer, but I CANNOT wait to see this baby. The 3D pictures from the ultrasound last week really make me anxious. Tons of people keep telling me that I won’t make it to September. I sure hope I do. I’m going to prove them all wrong. I just want the baby to be healthy when it’s born and that we’ll be able to take the baby home when I get discharged. I know of 5 births lately and all 5 babies have been born early and have had problems.
I am really enjoying this pregnancy a lot more than I did with Lucas. I seemed to either be sick or developing a new pregnancy symptom every day. Knock on wood, I think I’ve been just a little sick once. I feel pretty good and I’m sleeping well at night. I just get really tired after work which is totally normal. At the point I love being pregnant. That might change in a few weeks or so.
I was going through a few things and found the game we played from Lucas’ shower. The game where they measure you with toilet paper, we used crate paper instead. It was off like 4 inches and the shower was 2 weeks later then when I did it this week. But then you get bigger with each one. But it was fun going through Lucas’ baby book and reading things about him as a newborn. I can’t wait!!! Lucas is excited, too. I keep asking him what to name the baby if it is a girl and he insists that it’s a boy – well, the baby in his stomach is a boy. He’s been calling the baby Isaac now for a while so at least he’ll know his name if the baby is a boy! If it’s a girl we’re in trouble. He’ll call her Isaac!!!!

Week 30 - July 6, 2009

Monday was the ultrasound and I could not wait. The pictures are below. Everything looks good and the baby is measuring 2 weeks ahead. The gender is still a secret. Chad wanted to find out so bad but we are still keeping it a secret. I have shared the 20 week video with some of my friends online to see if they see a penis like I do. They say that its way too big for it to be a penis and that they see “girl” parts. So it’s still a surprise and it’s fun guessing.
Doctor’s appointment went great. I gained 1 ½ lbs for a total of 7 ½ lbs since seeing that 2nd pink line. I’m very happy but again I started off chubby. Dr. Wingo said that he is not going to change my due date and that it will just be a big baby. So I asked him if I could go ahead and schedule my c-section and he asked his nurse to do that for me. He wasn’t sure if the hospital would take an appointment this early. I want to make sure I deliver at Baptist this time. I haven’t heard anything but we have chosen to have the baby on September 8th, 2009. Dr. Wingo will only do the surgery 1 week prior to my due date. Monday the 7th is Labor Day, the 9th is Wednesday and he doesn’t do C-Sections on Wednesday, Thursday the 10th is Lisa my sister's birthday and Friday the 11th is Thomas my nephew's birthday. So the 8th is the day we’ve chosen. That also is the day that Chad’s precious Grandfather was born. He passed away a few years ago and he was he sweetest person. Lucas gets “Eugene” after him so it so happens that we can have the second baby on his birthday. I pray that the baby doesn’t come before then. I want it to be full term and healthy.
Friday was our 5 year anniversary so Chad decided that we needed to get away just for the night. Trying to get things clean and packed I think I over did things and have an awful pain in back on the left side. Anyway, we went out to eat at Chili’s where we first met eye to eye. Back up a minute, earlier in the week Chad had asked me a few days earlier if I needed anything done to my ring as he was going to take his to get fixed due to a dent. I said yes so I knew where it was. Back to the story, while we were waiting for our dinner he pulled out a white box and I knew it was my ring but what I didn’t know was that he enlarged my center diamond!!! I was so excited and happy. It was like I was engaged all over again. I wanted to show everyone. Then he hands me a card. On the back side it said, “Yes, we can name our son Isaac ___ Otto”. Oh, I was more excited about the name than the ring. I had been praying literally every day that God will change his mind and God came through for me. Only catch is he gets to pick the middle name but I have to agree. He doesn’t like Michael which is a bummer but as long as I get Isaac I’m happy!!! Now I’m scared about what Isaac’s middle name will be.
After that we went to Embassy Suites where we spent our first night as husband and wife. We practically went to the hotel, took our showers and went to bed. We both were tired. Next day Chad woke up and went to garage sales and I got up and ate the continental breakfast and then went back to bed to rest. That was much needed.
Pregnancy wise I feel great. Standing makes it hard on my bladder but as long as I’m sitting it’s not too bad. I’ve been putting up my feet at work to keep the swelling from happening. Had a little swelling this weekend but it seems to be under control. I’m drinking tons of water so that I’m sure is helping. Still having some discomforts with my teeth aligning up but it’s tolerable. Other than those few things I’m feeling good. Baby is really moving a lot these days. I still can’t get it in my head that there is a true baby in there! God is truly amazing!!!! Thank you, God, for this blessing!!!!

30 Weeks - July 6, 2009