Week 20 - April 27

Today was the ultrasound! I was so excited. I knew this baby would be fine. It’ just so hard to believe there’s an actual baby in there! They said the baby is measuring 21 weeks but that they won’t change my due date. She gave me tons of pics but with the baby being so small still they’re hard to see anything but all I know is that that’s my perfect little baby in those pics. She also gave me a DVD which I’ve watched half a dozen times already. The baby is really active and was wiggling all over the place. Chad and I are so blessed and excited that this baby is growing so well. I debated in my mind whether I should find out and just not tell anyone but I knew that wouldn’t work. I have such a big mouth that everybody would know! Chad even asked if we were going to find out and not tell anyone. I told him no. He said "Then just let me find out." I told him no again. There’s no way he could keep the sex of the baby off his face when he found out. So the baby is still a surprise!
I went to the doctor after my ultrasound and we listened to the heartbeat. Doctor said the baby looks great. That the ultrasound tech said my amniotic fluid was low but that it was totally “normal” but on the lower end of normal. He wasn’t at all concerned about it. I gained 1 lb as I know I would because I’ve been sooooo hungry lately. I’m back to thinking about food all the time!
Next appointment is in 4 weeks and then that’s when they’ll perform the diabetes test.

Here are pics of our precious miracle:


4D of baby's profile
I can't figure out if this is the baby's back side and legs?

Week 19 - April 20

Feeling great this week. All signs of morning sickness or gagging has all been sent packing. I feel almost like myself. I still am tired but I’ll take that over morning sickness ANY DAY! Appetite has returned and I just know at my next appointment that I’ll have gained a little.
We have our 20 week ultrasound on Monday. I can’t wait. I know everything will be fine but I still pray that this baby is healthy. I keep flip flopping back and forth whether I want to find out or not. But I’ve decided that there are hardly any surprises in life anymore. So we’re going to wait. This precious present from God is not finished yet. You can’t peek until this miracle is completely grown!

Easter 2009

Week 18 - April 13

Easter Sunday was great and we enjoyed lots of good food and the kids enjoyed the Easter Egg hunt. I love Easter. I wish it was more than once a year (minus all the eggs, bunnies, etc) because I think we need to be reminded more what Christ did for us.
This week I seem to have gotten a little more energy back. It sort of comes and goes but I feel better this week than I did last week. Gags are gone for now and I almost feel like I’m not pregnant. Nights are still hard because the day catches up with me but other than that I’m feeling great.
I had my first dream about the baby this week. I dreamed that I had twin boys but the genital area was really dark and their faces were dark complected like Lucas’ face. Weird! I still feel like this baby is a girl but I don’t want to guess because I don’t want to be wrong. With Lucas there was no doubt. I knew from the moment I saw that 2nd pink line that it was a boy. I’d love to have a boy because Lucas would have a brother but then I’d also love to have a girl. One of each is always the dream! But two boys would be awesome, also. As long as the baby is healthy I really don’t care what the gender is, honestly.
Moment is happening more often but it’s still very light taps. I keep trying to put my hand where I feel the baby to see if I can feel it yet on the outside and I’m having no luck. It’s still early to feel outside movement but it won’t be long.



Look how fast my baby has grown! :(

Easter time!

We took Lucas to see the Easter bunny at Opry Mills. At home and on the way there he was so excited. He talked about the bunny the whole time we walked in to see him. Once he saw the bunny he was scared! Those are true tears you see there.

Week 17 – April 6
This week has gone pretty good. Still have the gags and the fatigue and exhaustion but I’m sure those will pass in a few weeks. I’m starting to feel little bubbles right above my bladder so I know I’m starting to feel the baby move. How exciting! I have a ticker in my office that counts down the days left until the baby is due. I can’t believe I’m saying this but it’s really going fast. I remember the first pregnancy seemed to last forever because I couldn’t wait to see Lucas’ face. I like being pregnant until the 3rd trimester. That’s when it gets a little trying for me. Maybe this time won’t be so bad.
I did get a new stroller and car seat for the baby. It’s not new but fairly new to us. Chad spotted it at a garage sale for $60. I’m so excited! I’ll try to post a pic when I get a moment.