Week 30 - July 6, 2009

Monday was the ultrasound and I could not wait. The pictures are below. Everything looks good and the baby is measuring 2 weeks ahead. The gender is still a secret. Chad wanted to find out so bad but we are still keeping it a secret. I have shared the 20 week video with some of my friends online to see if they see a penis like I do. They say that its way too big for it to be a penis and that they see “girl” parts. So it’s still a surprise and it’s fun guessing.
Doctor’s appointment went great. I gained 1 ½ lbs for a total of 7 ½ lbs since seeing that 2nd pink line. I’m very happy but again I started off chubby. Dr. Wingo said that he is not going to change my due date and that it will just be a big baby. So I asked him if I could go ahead and schedule my c-section and he asked his nurse to do that for me. He wasn’t sure if the hospital would take an appointment this early. I want to make sure I deliver at Baptist this time. I haven’t heard anything but we have chosen to have the baby on September 8th, 2009. Dr. Wingo will only do the surgery 1 week prior to my due date. Monday the 7th is Labor Day, the 9th is Wednesday and he doesn’t do C-Sections on Wednesday, Thursday the 10th is Lisa my sister's birthday and Friday the 11th is Thomas my nephew's birthday. So the 8th is the day we’ve chosen. That also is the day that Chad’s precious Grandfather was born. He passed away a few years ago and he was he sweetest person. Lucas gets “Eugene” after him so it so happens that we can have the second baby on his birthday. I pray that the baby doesn’t come before then. I want it to be full term and healthy.
Friday was our 5 year anniversary so Chad decided that we needed to get away just for the night. Trying to get things clean and packed I think I over did things and have an awful pain in back on the left side. Anyway, we went out to eat at Chili’s where we first met eye to eye. Back up a minute, earlier in the week Chad had asked me a few days earlier if I needed anything done to my ring as he was going to take his to get fixed due to a dent. I said yes so I knew where it was. Back to the story, while we were waiting for our dinner he pulled out a white box and I knew it was my ring but what I didn’t know was that he enlarged my center diamond!!! I was so excited and happy. It was like I was engaged all over again. I wanted to show everyone. Then he hands me a card. On the back side it said, “Yes, we can name our son Isaac ___ Otto”. Oh, I was more excited about the name than the ring. I had been praying literally every day that God will change his mind and God came through for me. Only catch is he gets to pick the middle name but I have to agree. He doesn’t like Michael which is a bummer but as long as I get Isaac I’m happy!!! Now I’m scared about what Isaac’s middle name will be.
After that we went to Embassy Suites where we spent our first night as husband and wife. We practically went to the hotel, took our showers and went to bed. We both were tired. Next day Chad woke up and went to garage sales and I got up and ate the continental breakfast and then went back to bed to rest. That was much needed.
Pregnancy wise I feel great. Standing makes it hard on my bladder but as long as I’m sitting it’s not too bad. I’ve been putting up my feet at work to keep the swelling from happening. Had a little swelling this weekend but it seems to be under control. I’m drinking tons of water so that I’m sure is helping. Still having some discomforts with my teeth aligning up but it’s tolerable. Other than those few things I’m feeling good. Baby is really moving a lot these days. I still can’t get it in my head that there is a true baby in there! God is truly amazing!!!! Thank you, God, for this blessing!!!!

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