What's been happening lately...

I know I keep apologizing but it's been so hard lately trying to keep up with the kids, home, work, and my life that I just keep putting off updating my blog. I feel really bad and hope you continue enjoying our blog.
Well, about two months ago I got strep throat which then led my psoriasis popping out all over me 3 weeks later. I haven’t had an outbreak in 10 years! That was the last time I had strep. I kept thinking they'd go away but they never did. They in fact continued to keep popping up.
In the mean time, I kept having pain in my back which then started to hurt underneath my arm by my breast. I thought it was probably my back out of whack and radiating to the front of my body. Nothing that my chiropractor couldn't fix. He told me I had a rib out of joint and said that he could fix it but that it would hurt. So he put me on the table and preformed this maneuver which really did hurt. He said it would be sore for a few days but then it would feel much better. Well, he was right. I was really sore for the next 3 days.

While all this was going on I had this rash pop up on my chest which looked like poison ivy. It itched and was quite painful. After getting my mom to look at it she said it looked like Shingles. I was like, "Yeah, right!" As soon as I could I Googled Shingles and it sure enough looked like that's what I had. So I broke down and finally got an appointment with my dermatologist. That's exactly what it was. There was nothing she could do but give me pain meds which I declined. But she did give me a shot for my psoriasis.
I had read that children who have not been vaccinated or infected with the virus could possibly catch Chicken Pox, meaning Isaac! I asked my dermatologist and she said he would have had to had contact with my rash. Well, before I knew what it was Isaac did have contact with it. I told her that my pajamas are low cut and he has touched it several times via me putting him down in his crib or just by holding him. She said it was highly unlikely that he'd get it.
Well, sure enough he got Chicken Pox. He started off sleeping longer but didn't put two and two together. Then Nancy, my mother in law, said she thinks he's been bitten because there are a few red spots. Then all of a sudden he popped up EVERYWHERE. Poor guy. I feel HORRIBLE because I was who gave it to him. Everyone keeps telling me that he won’t have to have the shot plus he’ll be immune to it now. It still has been pretty bad for him. He even missed Lucas’ birthday party.
You'll have to click to enlarge the picture to see how fast his Chicken "Pops" (as Lucas calls them) spread.

A day at Charlie Daniel's Park

We decided to take the kids to the park because we knew that the next few days were going to be rainy. We never dreamed that the floods would start the next day. It was so beautiful outside. The kids has a great time!

This was the first time Isaac has been in or seen sand. Of course he wanted to eat it.

8 months old

Gosh, didn't I just have this kid? It is crazy how fast he's growing. Carrying the kid in his carseat/carrier has pulled one of my ribs out of joint. He is bigger than Lucas was at 18 months! Here are a few cute pics I took of him.