Week 32 - July 20, 2009

Mark your calendars!!!! This baby will be born on September 8th, 2009, unless she or he decides to come before then. I’m kind of hoping so because I can’t wait to meet them but I’ll wait another 7 weeks. It really is going fast. It will be September before you know it.
I had my doctor’s appointment today and everything is going fine. Still measuring 2 weeks ahead. Feeling just a little swollen with tight fingers and feet off and on. I gained 3 ½ lbs this visit which makes a total of 11 lbs gained. :( I was trying to keep it under 15 but under 20 is still “okay”. That will be a little over half of what I gained with Lucas. I gained 52 with Lucas!!!!!
Complaint of the week is this shooting pain in my back on the left side. Certain movements send shooting, stabbing pains in my back, so intense I have to yell out. It’s just a sudden onset of pain. I guess it’s the way the baby is laying??? Today it seems to be a little better. Maybe it’s because I’ve been sleeping on the couch. It seems as though every time I crawl into bed Chad is snoring and I cannot get to sleep!!! Last night I got little sleep because either he was waking me up because I was snoring, I’d wake up to his snoring or Lucas was crying out in his sleep! (giggle) It’s awful. I’m exhausted today. Can’t wait to go home and hit the hay. Hopefully Lucas will co-operate with me!
Second complaint is I am growing out of all my clothes. I don't know what I'm going to do. This baby is only going to get bigger. Just about all my maternity clothes I can barely wear now will be unwearable in a few weeks. Frustrating!!! I guess I'll go find some sort of moo-moo to wear.
Third complaint is I'm feeling fat and ugly. I guess all pregnant women go through this. It would be okay if I didn't have this huge, honkin nose!!! Why does my nose get this big? They say the extra blood volume and then your mucous membranes swell. So I guess that's the reason. As long as it goes down after delivery I'll be fine. If not there is definitely a nose job in my future, for sure!

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