Week 31 - July 13, 2009

Yah!!! I finally broke down and got my hair cut. It has been a year since I got it cut and boy did she cut a lot off.
Week 31? This pregnancy has gone fast but when I think of 8 more weeks/September 8th it seems like forever!!! I don’t want to wish my life away or the summer, I love summer, but I CANNOT wait to see this baby. The 3D pictures from the ultrasound last week really make me anxious. Tons of people keep telling me that I won’t make it to September. I sure hope I do. I’m going to prove them all wrong. I just want the baby to be healthy when it’s born and that we’ll be able to take the baby home when I get discharged. I know of 5 births lately and all 5 babies have been born early and have had problems.
I am really enjoying this pregnancy a lot more than I did with Lucas. I seemed to either be sick or developing a new pregnancy symptom every day. Knock on wood, I think I’ve been just a little sick once. I feel pretty good and I’m sleeping well at night. I just get really tired after work which is totally normal. At the point I love being pregnant. That might change in a few weeks or so.
I was going through a few things and found the game we played from Lucas’ shower. The game where they measure you with toilet paper, we used crate paper instead. It was off like 4 inches and the shower was 2 weeks later then when I did it this week. But then you get bigger with each one. But it was fun going through Lucas’ baby book and reading things about him as a newborn. I can’t wait!!! Lucas is excited, too. I keep asking him what to name the baby if it is a girl and he insists that it’s a boy – well, the baby in his stomach is a boy. He’s been calling the baby Isaac now for a while so at least he’ll know his name if the baby is a boy! If it’s a girl we’re in trouble. He’ll call her Isaac!!!!

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