Isaac's 1st Birthday Cake

Since Isaac's birthday party wasn't until Sunday, he had to have cake on his actual birthday. I went to Kroger and bought milk-free cake mix and frosting and made him a cake. It wasn't the prettiest cake but it really tasted good. The only problem was the icing. It was super sticky so it was hard to deal with. Isaac didn't mind at all. He ate the whole piece!

The Monkey's Treehouse

I took Lucas to the treehouse on his 2nd birthday and he absolutely loved it. Lucas loved it and it's a really great idea for kids. Isaac totally loved it, too. He had the best time and I'm sure he'd love to go back. I just wish it wasn't so far away. I'm sure it's like 35 to 45 miles from our house but it's worth it to see smiles on my children's faces.

Isaac's big day!

I always want my kids to have an extra special birthday. I want them to remember each year and I try to do things they've never done. Here is Isaac's first Happy Meal from McDonalds. He is still pretty much eating baby food full time, so he didn't eat much. Then we have the whole milk allergy thing. So he had a little bit of hamburger and a few french fries.

My little baby is 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot believe it's been a whole year. It seems like yesterday that Isaac was born. He grew up so fast!!!!!! Happy Birthday my sweet baby boy! ♥♥♥♥


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