Week 22 – May 11, 2009

I’m feeling great this week. New symptom is an onset upset stomach. All of a sudden I have one of those ole fashioned stomach aches. I have no idea what’s causing it but it’s irritating. I’m sure it’s the pregnancy.
Chad told me my nose is getting big. It got huge with Lucas. I have no idea why. I’ve heard that if your nose gets bigger during pregnancy that you’re having a boy! I’ll take that. I think my face is just getting bigger and my nose is spreading. It’s annoying, I know that. Baby is moving great and moves all day. It’s so reassuring to feel those little flutters and kicks.

Week 21 - May 5

Week 21 – May 4
This week has been great. I feel wonderful and most of the time forget I’m pregnant. Since the ultrasound I think I’ve put two and two together. Dr. Wingo said I have an anterior placenta. This means that my placenta is attached to the front side instead of the usual back side.
This is acting like a cushion between the baby and my stomach. So when the baby moves and kicks I can only feel it at the top and the bottom of my stomach. So no one has felt the baby move yet from the outside because they can’t. I feel kicks and movements all day long but they’re really low near my right hip bone. I’ve read that the placenta usually moves in time of the delivery. That’s the main reason Dr. Wingo suggests another C-Section. I’m going to pray every day that the placenta moves so I can feel the baby move a lot more. I’ve already accepted the fact I’ll have another C-Section but I’d love to feel my baby move inside me more.