Pregnancy Journal 1st Trimester Week 4-13

Week 13 – March 9
Morning sickness has eased up a lot but I’ve been dealing with these headaches that cause me to feel sick. Got sick for the 4th time after I took my pills before I went to bed. I can’t believe swallowing something could make you that sick. I don’t remember being this sick with Lucas. It seems to have lasted a lot longer this time around. I remember only getting sick enough to vomit 2 times. This time it’s been 4. Everyone says it’s a girl because I’m sicker this time. Who knows????? I usually have a feeling or I have a dream but I really don’t know.
Had a little scare this week. I was late taking Lucas to school and slide on the wet road, did a 360 and landed backwards in a ditch. It scared Lucas and he started to cry but we were all right. I’ve got a busted tail light and some scratches on the driver’s side and the rear bumper from hitting the bush but it’s really minor. I got in the back seat with Lucas while we waited for Keith and Nancy to show up and we just prayed thanking God for taking care of us. I guess that’s one way of slowing me down. It happens in a split second. Everything was fine then all of a sudden I’m flying out of control towards a brick mailbox. Thank you, God, that no other cars were coming in the other lane.

Week 12 – March 2
Still feeling sick off and on but it seems to be easing up. I just find myself with no appetite. Headaches with nausea are pretty frequent.
I had a doctor’s appointment this week. No ultrasound this time just a normal checkup. They took my blood pressure and then my weight. I lost another 2 lbs. Who hoo! I’m so proud of myself but it’s been hard eating at times and when I can eat I can’t eat much. I wish this sort of happened all the time. If that were so I’d never be overweight. Anyway, they were busy so this visit was very fast. Dr. Wingo did listen to the heartbeat but I knew he’d find it because I do at home. I told him I bought a Doppler and then he asked me if I was hearing my heartbeat. I told him no because it’s been around 150. It took him a little while to find it but he did. Baby’s heartbeat was 153 so I was hearing the baby’s heartbeat. I knew that because you can hear the baby’s heartbeat much faster than the womb sounds or my heartbeat. I’m still feeling a little fatigued but I had a little burst of energy on Saturday and got everything done I needed to get done.

Week 11 – February 23
Still have this nasty cold. It’s really made me feel bad. My nose ran so much if I didn’t have tissue near by it would almost run out of my nose. Too bad I was at work or I’d just stick a tissue in both sides of my nose and gone on. I don’t think that would look too nice at work. Nausea isn’t that bad this week but I still have it. It comes and goes sort of like it did when I first found out I was pregnant. Fatigue is bad this week. I’m really tired when it strikes noon until I go to bed. I feel like I’ve been drugged. Having a hard time with the gag reflex. All of a sudden I’ll start gagging. It’s horrible. Taking my meds at night is bad. One night I couldn’t help it but they all came back up. Since I’ve had this cold it’s been really nice not having the bionic nose. I did order a Doppler off Ebay. The first time I used it I couldn’t find a heartbeat. But I kept telling myself that everything was fine. I just didn’t know what I was doing. Then one night when everyone was asleep I tried again. It took quite a while but finally I heard that sweet thumping. I’ll never forget that. What a precious moment. I remember hearing Lucas’ heart for the first time. Oh, it makes it all so surreal now. I could listen 24/7.

Week 10 – February 16
Went to bed Sunday night and got dizzy. Woke up Monday morning to the same. So I stayed home and slept all day. Morning sickness seems to be back but more than anything the gag reflex is worse in the evenings. I had to hold my nose while I changed Lucas last night. I’ve never done that before. It just got to me. my sense of smell is multiplied and I smell EVERYTHING. We haven’t had a fire in the fireplace for weeks but I can still smell the fireplace in my hair and my clothes. I wanna barf every time I walk inside my home. I can’t wait until it gets warm so we can air out our house. I’ve caught a cold so maybe this will plug up my bionic nose for a while!

Week 9 – February 9
Felt great this week. So great that I was worried that something may be wrong. I went to the doctor’s office to get some prenatal samples because my old pill was recalled. They’re out of the office on Wednesdays so I was unable to hear the heartbeat. I went online to find a Doppler so I’d be able to hear it myself at home. Maybe the next paycheck we’ll be able to afford one. I’m so worried but I still have all the other pregnancy symptoms. I even got sick in the kitchen when I spotted a pan in the sink that had been soaking over night. I just couldn’t handle that. Ewwww

Week 8 – February 2
Nausea off and on but not too bad this week. I did throw up for the first time. Smells really get to me nowadays. I can get a wiff of something and start gagging. That happened at work in the bathroom after I had gone in after someone. I plugged my nose but I still couldn’t get it out of my mind. Ultrasound was this week and we saw another strong heartbeat at 169! The tech said the baby is about the size of a gummy bear. It sure does look like a gummy bear on the ultrasound pics. I asked Dr. Wingo if the baby looked good and he said the baby looks perfect! Lost 2 lbs. I asked if I could use Unisom and B6 and he said it was fine to take. Just to make sure it doesn’t have the ingredient that’s also found in Benedryl. I started on Thursday night and by Friday and Saturday I felt great. Just a little droggy and fatigued.

Week 7 – January 26
Still problems with neck and shoulder tension. I’m being adjusted twice a week along with therapy. These nausea headaches are horrible! I’m tired but more fatigued than anything. I don’t want to do anything but just sit around. Waking up about once a night to go to the bathroom but other than that I’m sleeping pretty well.

Week 6 – January 19
Bad headaches with nausea so I went to the chiropractor. I have tons of tension in my right shoulder that goes up my neck. Ultrasound on Thursday and we saw a heartbeat of 135. They moved my due date to 9/14 instead of 9/11. I was 6 weeks and 4 days. My new week starts on Monday now just like it did with Lucas. Dr. Wingo said everything looks good. Go back in 2 weeks for another ultrasound.

Week 5 – January 15
Nausea off and on. FATIGUE!!!! I don’t want to do anything much less work! Sick this week with a sinus infection. I hurt all over. Was put on antiobotics on the 16th and feel tons better. Thursday bad headache with nausea. Very tired.

Week 4 – January 5th
Found out on January 2nd that I was pregnant. We went to Red Lobster for New Years and I felt nauseated before I ate. I knew something was up. Sore boobs and off & on nausea. Hungry quite a bit. Have sore throat and cold.