Pinterest Inspired Church Preschool/Nursery

Here are pictures of the nursery remodel that my husband and myself worked on for 4 weeks.  We give God all the credit.  We were just privileged to be a part of how He transformed this room.  Too bad there were not any pictures taken of what it looked like before.  Most of the ideas for this room came from hours and hours on my favorite website, Pinterest!  I did post most of where I found my ideas in my board labeled Sunday School.


Mother's Day

Here is another Pinterest idea with my own twist.  Here's where I got the idea and here's the free printable I used.

Pinterest Easter crafts

Here are a few things I made for our church's Easter Egg hunt:

I took a basket and filled it with Easter basket grass, made a cross out of eggs made out of paint chip samples, and then printed Real Easter Bunnies  and put them on Popsicle sticks.  The kids love them.

Here is the Real Easter Bunny Printable up close
Real Easter Bunnies...

Here is a banner I made from a free printable found here but I added a paint chip egg in between each bunny.  I also put "He Lives" but you can't really see it in the pic.

I saw this printable to do with Jelly Beans: Colors of Faith Jelly Beans

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Last year Easter pics

As I was posting this year's pictures, I couldn't help but notice last year's pictures.  I cannot believe how much Lucas has grown much less baby Isaac.  


The boys with their Easter Baskets

The Easter Bunny left Mommy a gift, too!

Nothing like a chocolate bunny for Easter breakfast!

My Family on our church's steps
My Brother Charles and wife Jamie's girls Jessica and Cynthia

My Brother Michael and his daughter Sadie and son Mikey

My Sister Lisa and her boys Thomas, Andrew, James and John

My Mom and Dad

My Sister Lisa's son James

Isaac's basket from Gigi and Pawpaw.  She hid them inside after the egg hunt.

My Sister Lisa's son Thomas

My Brother Michael's son Mikey

My Brother Charles's daughter Jessica

My Brother Charles's daughter Cynthia

My Sister Lisa's son Andrew

My babe, Lucas!

My Sister Lisa's son John

Lisa, John and Mom

My Brother Michael's daughter Sadie

Gold and Silver egg finders

Isaac was all into the egg hunt this year

Lisa and her boys

Me, Lucas and Isaac