This video is so funny.

We took the kids to a small petting zoo behind one of the stores.  This was a parakeet sanctuary filled with tons of birds.  Chad went and bought some bird feed sticks to feed to them.  They attack him!


Our first family vacation as a family of 4

We just got back from a week long vacation to Gatlinburg.  We had a great time but boy is it different going on vacation with children.  The trip down wasn't the greatest.  The boys and I went to the beach with my parents in August and they traveled well.  So I figured if we left when they were awake that it would be fine since it was only a 3-4 hour trip as opposed to 9-10 hours.  First hiccup was Lucas getting car sick and throwing up a few times just an hour into the trip. 
Then we stopped in Oak Ridge where Chad has an aunt buried.  He wanted to stop and visit her grave and put some flowers on her gravestone.  Even though Chad Map quested the address to the cemetery, we got lost and had to stop a few times to ask for directions.  Never mind the windy roads towards the wrong direction making both Lucas and I nauseated.  Meanwhile Isaac is so tired of the car he's crying and about to loose it. 
We finally made it and realized there were no vases to stick the flowers into. Now was the time to get crafty!  It took a good 30 to 45 minutes of bending wire stems back and forth, digging through the trash of old faded flowers, and the kids running off some energy to finally rig it to look half way decent.
Once back in the car Lucas' gas station Dramamine had kicked in and Isaac finally took a nap.  After about another hour drive we finally made it.  Good news was that we chose the right time to visit because there were no other renters in the cabins around us.  The cabin was great and we could finally relax and let the kids run around and unwind. 
We had a great time and the weather was perfect. It was warm during the day and cold at night.  The fireplace and hot tub was awesome! Here are a few pics for now and I will add a few more later on in the week.