Another Big Announcement!

I'm pregnant again!!!! Finally!!!! I'm so scared but have faith that this baby will be born and we'll be holding another miracle soon. As soon as I saw that second line I called my OB and had him put me on Progesterone. So I feel 100% better about carrying this baby to term! We're so excited. I am running out of ways to tell Chad I'm pregnant. I couldn't wait to tell him because my med was $50. How on earth was I going to explain that charge on the checking account? His birthday is on Monday, so I wrapped up one of his presents which was new pajama bottoms and tied the test on the waist band string. He so was surprised! We're going to wait to tell others once we've had the first ultrasound which will be at 6 weeks. Hopefully by then we'll see a nice and healthy heartbeat! I'm due September 11th, 2009! With my previous C-Section with Lucas, I'm sure he'll do another with this baby. So we'll be able to choose which day that baby will be born. Please add us to your prayers. I know that God will take care of us!