My sleeping baby and a few randoms

New Car Seats

I bought both these car seats at a garage sale. They are used but are in very good condition. Once Isaac turns 1 he'll be able to use his. For now he's still in his carrier seat and base. I cannot believe my baby will be 1 in a little more than 2 months.

Chicken "Pops" and "Bumps"

Here are the pics from the boys getting the chicken pox. Lucas didn't have as bad a case since he did have one chicken pox vaccine. I think it was a little worse for him because he knew he could scratch them AND, boy, did he. Poor guy. I still feel like junk for giving it to them both. Glad that's all over with, though!

Lucas' 4th Birthday

We had his party at this year at the park at Charlie Daniels. It was just family this year so we all met up at the park after church. I was a very hot day but the kids had a wonderful time playing on the playground. Lucas had a wonderful birthday but poor Isaac wasn't able to attend due having just gotten the chicken pox; therefore, Nancy and Keith stayed home to watch him. He'll never know but I really missed the whole family being there for Lucas' celebration.

Fire Station

Every year I try to do something for Lucas' birthday that he's never done before. I want to make every one of my childrens' birthdays as special as I possibly can. When Lucas turned 1 he had his first McDonald's Happy Meal and went to the park. His 2nd birthday we went to an inside tree house For his 3rd birthday we went to the movies to see Monsters v. Aliens. This year it was a trip to the fire station. He was so surprised that he couldn't even talk. He's so shy anyway but when he was a "real" fireman and a "real" fire truck it was just TOO much. I think the only thing he said was "4" when one of the firemen asked him how old he was. Thanks to Mrs. Christy for arranging the visit and Captain David for showing us around, the ride in the fire truck and explaing all the tools. You're the greatest! He had a blast and he hasn't stopped talking about it.