This just in...

My car is totaled. :( I'm so sad. I loved that car. Damage totaled like $8,200 and the car is worth that. So it's almost a wash. Chad wanted to keep the car for a while but I wanted to trade it in on something else bigger which is what we were going to eventually do. We just wanted to save some money up and put a big down payment on it. I have the rental car for a few more days and then I'll be driving the truck until Christmas. Hopefully my bonus will be good this year and that will be part of a down payment. Please pray for us!!!!!

My poor car!

Last night on my way home I decided I'd stop by Walgreens. Once in the turning lane I decided I'd better just go home. After looking over my right shoulder for oncoming traffic I then turned to proceed through the light only to see blue and then wham! I hit some guy in a big blue van. My heart sank into my stomach because I knew it was probably my fault. Two wrecks in 1 year! I'm scared to drive again. At least I walked away not hurt and so did the man. What a blessing. We're waiting on the insurance company to let us know if they're going to total out the car. Oh, God! I pray they are going to be able to fix it. In bible study on Thursday nights we're leaving about faith and finding hidden treasures in our bad times. I think my hidden treasure was that these earthly things are nothing and can be replaced. A life cannot. Thank you, God, for saving my life!

On a much happier note, Isaac had his 2 month check up today. My baby boy weighs 12 lbs and 6.4 ounces and is 22 3/4" long. I could not believe he weighs that much. Here are some pictures to show you his chubby legs. The band aids are from his 3 shots he got today. Poor wittle guy!

A Few Halloween Pics

Misc Pics of the boys