Another child with food allergies

I took Isaac to the allergist Friday and found out he is allergic to milk, dust mites and cockroaches. I'm so glad I finally found out what it was that was causing him to be so fussy and in apparent pain. He's a totally different baby. He's so laid back and smiles all the time. I cannot believe the difference. I've decided to stop nursing and keep him on formula. He's already transitioned really well plus I'm afraid if I accidently eat milk I'd hate to see him have a reaction. I gave him teething tablets Saturday night and he broke out in a rash on his back and totally reverted back to his old self. I was so purplexed as to what it was. He was doing so good. I put two and two together and did some research online and found that there is milk in teething tablets. Go figure!!! I could not beleive how just a little bit could make him react like that.

My Southern Thrift Old Navy Find...

We have a tooth!!!!

After weeks and weeks of drooling we finally have a tooth! You really can't see it in this pic becuase it's just broken through the skin but there's a sweet baby tooth there.
This is so sweet! Lucas fell asleep coloring.

My Valentine Boys

A little cereal

Here we go again

Someone backed into me. I'm so upset but I can't say much because I totaled my last car. It was an accident and they do happen but I'm so upset. Gheez, sometimes you can't win for loosing.

I love this picture

I wish the quality was better but Lucas had the camera and I think he had his hand over the flash.

Isaac can hold his bottle now

I cannot believe it. I'm thinking this might be early, who knows? He's sick again. He got to feeling better there for like a week or so and then now he's got a runny nose and a slight cough. Poor guy. I sooo wish he'd get better and stay well.

Sorry for the bird! He's just a baby. :)