Week 38 - August 31, 2009

1 week! Wow. I’m getting a little scared now. It’s starting to become so surreal. I lost my mucus plug yesterday morning. I knew exactly what it was. It’s exciting because the baby could come at any time now. Throughout the day I kept having different contractions that started at the bottom of my stomach and moved upward. They were a little more painful but I definitely knew they were something new and different than what I was feeling. Yesterday was my day off so I had my whole house to clean. Chad kept telling me to rest, rest, but all I could think about was, “What if I go into labor? My house will be dirty!” So I’d rest and then get up and do a little, rest and do a little more. Needless to say it took me ALL day to clean my house AND Chad helped a lot. Every time I stood up from resting I got a contraction. Saturday night there for like 15 minutes they were coming 5 minutes apart but then they fizzed out and came infrequently. I don’t remember having this many contractions with Lucas. I guess it’s because it’s my 2nd baby. We’re just so close I can taste it. I put my hairdryer, curling iron and flat iron in my hospital bag because I know I could go at any time. At this time I have no idea if I’ll make it to next Tuesday. Every day I leave work I try to leave it as if I’m not coming back. That’s kind of hard to do when you haven’t completely finished everything. Oh, well. Marlene is good and she’ll figure it out and it will get done. I have more things to worry about!
I felt yesterday that my stomach looked just a little lower than it normally does. Lynette and Marlene both asked today if I had noticed my stomach had dropped.
I have my last appointment this week. I’m so curious now that my plug is gone how much I’ve dilated. I’m going to ask him on Thursday if he’ll check me just to humor me. I’m so curious! After my appointment on Thursday I’ll add what I found out!

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