September 3, 2009 - Birth Day!

Here's two of my last pregnancy pictures!
My water broke this morning at about 3 am. I could not believe it so I waited around a minute in total shock. I called Chad and finally got him after 15 minutes. He flew home and rushed me to the hospital while I had a few intense contractions. After I arrived it was finally determined that my water had infact broke. C-Section was performed at 7:30 and our precious miracle was born at 7:44. We're both in love and thanked God immediately after the birth.

Wanna guess what we had?

That's right! A boy! Isaac Michael Otto weighed 8 lbs, 1 ounce and is 18 3/4 inches long. He is the best baby ever and has only cried when he was first born. I think he looks like Chad and not me. He looks totally different from Lucas. He's lighter skinned, light brown hair, blonde eyebrows and eyelashes, oval face and shorter. He's perfect! I'm so in love.

I'm doing great and cannot beleive how painless I've been. That might change tomorrow but I'm just glad the surgery is all over. I told God last night that I thought I was ready for this to be over and He heard me. He just keeps blessings us and we're so thankful.

If I have not called you I'm truly sorry. In the rush I ran off and left my cell phone on the bed.
Chad is going home tomorrow to get Lucas to bring him to see Isaac. I'll call you then. I'm also going to post pics of Lucas with Isaac when he gets here tomorrow. I cannot wait. He's going to be so excited. If you can, come and see us. We're at Baptist in room 7715 or you can call us at 615-284-7715. Love you guys but I'm totally exhausted!!!!!!!!!!!

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