Week 37 - August 24, 2009

2 weeks! I cannot believe how close we are to holding this baby in our arms! I have mixed emotions…one minute I’m excited, next minute I’m scared and the next I’m sad that it’s almost over – the pregnancy that is. I love the sweet kicks, hiccups, attention, looks and smiles I’m getting from this huge belly! I’ve really enjoyed being pregnant this time. Swelling hasn’t been bad this time around; my teeth being out of align haven’t been bad; back has had problems but not like with Lucas. Maybe it’s because I haven’t gained as much weight this time although I’m heavier this time around. And I haven’t been that sick. With Lucas it seemed like I had a cold or scratchy throat all the time. I think drinking lots of water, allergy shots and cutting down my Diet Mt. Dews have really helped with the whole pregnancy this time around. Part of me is ready to have my old body back and part of me could stay pregnant forever. It’s very bittersweet because this probably will be our last. It’s very sad once you think about it.
Anyway, got a few more things done in preparation for the baby. I got the car seat installed. I think it took about 30 to 45 minutes. I had to move Lucas’ seat over behind me and clean up the center where his seat was. It’s weird to look back and him be behind me and see another car seat on the other side!!! Boy, talk about not having any room for anyone to ride in the back. It’s very tight back there. There’s space enough for the armrest in the middle and that’s it. Lucas thinks it’s cool because he can put his sippy cup in the cup holder on the left and the baby can put his/her bottle on the right. I thought that was too cute.
I think he’s enjoying being closer to the window. He hasn’t figured out that he can roll the window down yet but I’m sure it won’t be long. The doors automatically lock when the car goes into gear and you have to manually unlocked it instead of just opening up the door. So that’s a great feature to have. Chad called me on Wednesday and told me not to go online and look at the checking account, so I knew something was up. This is what was delivered to work!

Aren't they beautiful? I'm very proud of them. The card thanked me for taking such good care of our baby for the past 8 months. He's such a sweetie! I am truly blessed by God for a good husband, son and this miracle baby!
I went to the doctor on Thursday and nothing has really changed and that’s because he’s not checking me. I did gain 2 lbs so I’m at 13 lbs. Next week is my last appointment so if I only gain 2 next week I’ll be at 15 lbs total gained during this pregnancy!!! I’m totally excited about that.
He measured me and checked the heartbeat which was 147. I asked if I’m still measuring 2 weeks ahead and he said no, just 1 but it’s probably because the baby has moved down lower into my pelvis. He said this baby is still big. Last week he said he thought the baby would weigh around 9 lbs at first but then he said probably 8 something. I think 8 lbs is perfect!Here are the coming home/picture outfits that Chad and I chose. He got to pick the girl’s and I got to pick the boy’s.
We’ve been looking for a big brother T-Shirt for Lucas and have had no luck. Some saleslady told me to look at the hospital, duh, and they are bound to have them. So Chad took a trip to Baptist just for this shirt. It’s not the cutest thing in the world but I guess it’ll do. He went through so much trouble that I had to accept it. Lucas looks so cute in it. That’s all that matters. I found a Big Brother ball cap at a garage sale for 25 cents so I’m sure he’ll wear that, too! It’s really big for his head but he looks so cute! It makes me laugh.

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