Week 35 - August 10, 2009

4 more weeks! Gosh that seems so far away but in all actuality it’s right around the corner. I’m so ready for this baby to be here although there still are a few things I need to get done before the baby gets here.
Chad and I tackled tons this weekend. We finally moved Lucas into a twin bed in order for us to put the crib mattress back in the crib in the nursery. So we got a great deal on a mattress and did not have to pay sales tax due to the tax-free weekend. We also got a great deal on his bedding. There was a Construction Truck theme bed-in-a-bag on clearance at Kohl’s for $29. Total score! We were going to do the Cars theme but the sheets alone were $30. So we’re happy about that. Lucas loves his new bed and is sleeping very well.
Chad got the cradle down, Moses basket and Lucas’ old clothes down from the attic. I’ve gone through the clothes and put a few in consignment. Now I just need to wash the others. I’ve washed the Moses back bedding so that’s ready to go. Now I need to get the cradle bedding from my sister and wash that.
I bought new nipples for the bottles which was on the list so those are bought. $5 for 2 nipples is crazy seeing I have tons of bottles! Now I just need to wash and sterilize the bottles but I can do that once I get home after the baby is born.
Finally found the coming home outfit for the boy. Chad and I had an agreement with Lucas. He would buy the girl’s outfit and I could choose the boy’s. We kept the girl’s outfit so now we needed to replace the boy’s. This has been difficult to find what I’m looking for. I wanted something very dressy but all I kept finding were sleepers. So I’m so excited about my find. The darn thing cost $24 but in my opinion it was so worth it. I had been to like 5 or 6 other stores looking for the perfect outfit and I finally found it. I was buying it no matter how much it was. We can always take it back if it’s not a boy, which I don’t think will happen. Chad swears it’s a girl.
He came out of the bathroom on Friday and said he had just gotten a sign from God. That he saw a piece of thread on the bathroom floor in the perfect shape of a heart which means Love, which is what we named our 2nd baby that I miscarried, which Chad believes was a girl. Then at Wendy’s Lucas had a chicken nugget in the perfect shape of a heart; one more sign. Coming out of Target and going home was a totally pink sky, absolutely beautiful, 3rd sign. Then once we got home on the floor there was a red heart sticker stuck to the carpet, 4th sign. Chad said all 4 signs were from God that this baby is a girl. Well, we’ll see. I’ll be sooo happy if it’s a girl because every woman dreams of having a girl who looks just like them. But deep down in my heart I know it’s a boy. I’m very happy that it’s a potential boy because Lucas will have a brother. I love having a sister and wouldn’t know what I’d do without her. There’s just something about that bond. If it’s a boy I just pray that they’ll always be close and get along together. Lucas will be a great brother no matter if it’s a girl or a boy. You can tell he’s getting excited. I’m going to have to really watch him because he really loves babies and is always trying to give my nephew, John, his bottle, wants to kiss him and plays with him. I’m afraid he may try to pick the baby up and bring her/him to me. How frightening. But he’ll be so much help to me because he’s so much help right now.
I’m feeling pretty good and was shocked at how much energy I had this weekend. I kept wondering if this is my burst of energy. Monday morning I was exhausted so it caught up with me. Maybe I was so tired because I had tried to choke Chad in my sleep the night before. I so do not remember doing that but I do remember dreaming about a man on his knees looking over men and I was scared. I also remember Chad saying something to me but I thought maybe I had hit him. I didn’t know I was trying to strangle him. Very weird.
Anyway, I’m feeling pretty good but in the bathroom a lot. If I could sit all day I’d probably be fine. At night my back has really been hurting when I try to get out of bed. I seriously need a walker to help me to the bathroom which is about 4 times a night. Once I get up from the toilet I’m fine. It’s the initial walking to the bathroom that gives me horrible, horrible pain. I can hardly stand up straight. I’m sleeping great but wake up suddenly and realize I have to pee. I’ve been really thirsty lately so I’m sure that’s some of the problem.
Swelling wasn’t too bad this week as I was able to wear my wedding ring for 2 days. My legs and ankles are obiviously swollen but my fingers have felt better over the past few days. I tried this morning to put my ring on and it wouldn’t go below my knuckle. So I had to slide my replacement on until the swelling goes down. That probably won’t be until after the baby is born. Other than that I feel pretty good. It’s getting hard to get up in the morning to go to work and sitting all day is hard but I only have 4 more weeks is what I keep telling myself!

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