34 Weeks - August 3, 2009

Had my bi-weekly appointment today with Dr. Wingo. I took the day off sick because I was still so weak that there was no way I could go to work. Chad took me and I’m glad he did. I was so “hung over” that it would have been a challenge. My husband has really taken good care of me while I've been ill. I love you, Sweetie!
I have gained 3 lbs for a total of 14 lbs gained! I was shocked because I did not really eat anything for almost 4 days! It was all that darn IV fluid. Anyway, blood pressure was good and the baby’s heartbeat was 147. Baby is still measuring 2 weeks ahead. Just another fast and boring appointment. Next appointment is in 2 weeks and then I’ll go weekly.

The swelling begins. I hate this point when everything swells up. My feet throb because there’s so much fluid on them. I don’t think they’re as big as they were when I was pregnant with Lucas but they are definitely swollen. I was doing so well before the stomach virus. I’m really upset because I couldn’t get my wedding ring on this morning. I do have a ring to wear but it’s not “my ring”. I’m trying to drink tons of water to flush it out but swelling is just part of being pregnant.
Still trying to get my strength back but I'm feeling fairly well. The baby is still very active and you can tell it's very squished in there. It's truly amazing that there is a "baby" inside of my stomach. I still forget from time to time that there is a precious miracle baby inside of me until he/she moves. I will really miss feeling this baby move. The pregnancy has gone really fast but I really can't wait until they get here. I'm not to the point where I'm ready to surrender but I'm getting a little tired of being pregnant. I've really enjoyed this pregnancy but it's starting to wear on me. When I think of 5 more weeks it feels like forever and that I'll never make it. I pray that I do and that God will give me the strength to get through because I want this baby to be born healthy and on time, not before.

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