Week 28- June 22, 2009

The 3rd trimester! Yah!!!! I can’t believe how fast the 2nd trimester flew. Wow. I have my last “month” appointment on Tuesday. Here on out I’ll go every two weeks and then it will be once a week. I believe I’ve gained about 6 lbs this month. EEK! I’m scared to step up on that scale but in all actuality I’ve only gained about 5 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. So I feel good about that. But towards the end of the pregnancy that’s when the weight really starts to pile up. My goal is to only gain like 15 to 20 lbs. That will be less than half of what I gained with Lucas.
I went out to run a few errands for Father’s day on Saturday and it was SOOOO hot. I believe it was in the 90’s???? I was miserable getting in and out of the car with Lucas but got it done and went home to a nice cool house to nap. Lucas’ nap time is MY FAVORITE time of the day. Not that I’m ready to have a break from him but I’m ready to take a break and rest. I’m really feeling good just a little tired here and there. Mondays are horrible. I feel drugged and have a hard time getting through the day. I’ve noticed lately that I’m out of breath with the simplest activities. I guess it’s the extra weight I’m carrying.
Had my doctor’s appointment today. Gained 1 more pound than I thought. So I’ve gained 6 lbs from the weight I started with. I’m happy with that.
Dr. Wingo listened to the baby’s heartbeat. The baby was squirming around and it was hard to get a correct reading but it was 153. He measured me and said I’m measuring 1 to 2 weeks ahead!!!! So before my next appointment on July 6th I’ll go have an ultrasound to see how big the baby really is. He said it probably is okay and that it may be the way the baby was laying. That’s kind of exciting to know that the baby might come sooner then we thought! I saw during the ultrasound at 20 weeks some of the measurements said 21 and 22 weeks. Maybe this is just going to be a big baby. They also said Lucas was big but just a week early he weighed 8 lbs and 2 ozs, totally average.

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