Week 29 - June 29, 2009

I have to brag a little bit on my first baby. I think we have him “pee” potty trained. He is doing so well. We started allowing him to pee outside and he loves it. Amazingly enough he has also showed much interest in peeing inside!!! I’m so excited. It’s like a light switched on suddenly and he’s almost completely potty trained. I hope I don’t jinx it. Go Lucas!!!!

Why couldn’t today be the day we have the ultrasound? I can’t wait to see my precious baby again. I am really feeling pregnant now. It’s getting hard to bend over and get around these days. My lower back is hurting and my teeth have seemed to start to not match up. I had a horrible time with this when I was pregnant with Lucas.
I went to the chiropractor last week for my monthly adjustment and it seems as though that’s when my back started hurting. I didn’t have my normal doctor so maybe he did something my body wasn’t used to. I guess this is really around the time of the pregnancy when lower back pain starts. It’s pure murder getting up out of bed to go to the bathroom at night and then getting out of bed in the morning. I guess my muscles get stiff just laying there. I feel like an old woman just trying to go pee. Once I get up after a while it goes away. I’m still sleeping very well so I can’t complain about that. But I am really feeling pregnant now. All my body wants to do is sit. I have tons of fatigue and want to not do anything. I’m getting out of breath/heart pumping hard just doing the simple every day tasks. I guess it’s this extra weight.
Pray for Chad and I as we try to name this baby is it’s a boy. We have our girl’s name but the boy name is a lot more tricky. I mentioned “Issac” to Lucas as being the baby’s name (I guess I probably shouldn’t have done that) and that’s what he calls the baby now. Chad doesn’t like it but I’m so in love with that name. Every name he suggests doesn’t sound the way it does when I say Issac Michael. I just pray every day that God will help him change his mind. Oh, please God!!!!

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