Week 25 – June 1, 2009

Well, Lucas’ birthday party went off without a hitch and I got through my busy, busy weekend. I’m exhausted because I’m so used to getting at least 1 nap in a weekend and there was no time for rest. Now this week is VBS. I leave work and go straight to church. We’re there until about 8:45 and then rush home to jump in the bath and into bed. It’s hard but Lucas is having a great time. I had a hard time on Monday. Lucas is back in school after 2 weeks and is going into a new class and has a new teacher. It’s as if he knows no one. His best friend David is in the classroom next to him. It feels like we started all over dropping him off at the daycare for the first time. I worried all day about him but I believe he did okay. Chad picked him up and he said he seemed fine. I just don’t want him to be scared and upset. I’m sure he’ll just need a few days to meet new friends and get settled. It still breaks my heart. Nancy offered to take him this week to give me a few more minutes at home before work. She said he cried on Tuesday when she dropped him off. I probably would have cried with him. That hurts my heart!
Feeling a lot of soreness and pressure in the lower part of my stomach from I guess the baby’s weight. it seems to get worse when I’m tired or have a full bladder. It feels as though I have ridden a horse. During the night when I get up to turn over or get up to go to the bathroom, which is only once a night, it’s really sore. Other than that I’m still feeling great. Tired from all the craziness that’s been going on but I’m still loving being pregnant. Getting a little swelling but not bad at all. The baby is getting stronger and stronger. I love it! Most movements are felt in the morning and all day. In the morning it’s down low but throughout the day it’s up high. I can actually push and he/she will kick back. It’s sweet! At night he/she is really quite. I hope they’re this good once they’re born.

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