Week 18 - April 13

Easter Sunday was great and we enjoyed lots of good food and the kids enjoyed the Easter Egg hunt. I love Easter. I wish it was more than once a year (minus all the eggs, bunnies, etc) because I think we need to be reminded more what Christ did for us.
This week I seem to have gotten a little more energy back. It sort of comes and goes but I feel better this week than I did last week. Gags are gone for now and I almost feel like I’m not pregnant. Nights are still hard because the day catches up with me but other than that I’m feeling great.
I had my first dream about the baby this week. I dreamed that I had twin boys but the genital area was really dark and their faces were dark complected like Lucas’ face. Weird! I still feel like this baby is a girl but I don’t want to guess because I don’t want to be wrong. With Lucas there was no doubt. I knew from the moment I saw that 2nd pink line that it was a boy. I’d love to have a boy because Lucas would have a brother but then I’d also love to have a girl. One of each is always the dream! But two boys would be awesome, also. As long as the baby is healthy I really don’t care what the gender is, honestly.
Moment is happening more often but it’s still very light taps. I keep trying to put my hand where I feel the baby to see if I can feel it yet on the outside and I’m having no luck. It’s still early to feel outside movement but it won’t be long.

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