Time for Easter!

I love celebrating Christ's ressurection and all that it brings.  Summer is my favorite season, so when Spring comes I know it won't be long until shorts, flip flops, sun-kissed skin and swimming. 
But Spring is my second favorite season.  I love to see everything be reborn again.  The buttercups, tulips, green grass, blooms on the trees and the sound of new life from chirping baby birds.  It all just makes me feel refreshed and alive.
Easter is my second favorite holiday next to Christmas when Christ was born.  To know how much He suffered and how much pain He was in, that He would do it over and over again because of how much He loves us and would never want to be without us.  I love all the Easter eggs, baskets and clothes but what's most important is to let my kids know who loves them more than I, their dad or anyone on earth ever could. 
I just asked Lucas why we celebrate Easter and he said "Jesus".  He couldn't remember what happened after Jesus died on the cross but at least he knows what Jesus did for him.
We decided to do a little early egg dying.  I tried something new this year and used Kool-Aid.  It did an awesome job.  The colors were rich and true. They would have been darker but the boys were excited so I let them take them out early.
I wanted to display them to enjoy so I took a nail and poked a hole in it and drained all of the egg out.  They turned out pretty good until I handed them to the boys.  "Be careful with them, don't squeeze them or drop them" ever entered Isaac's ears.  So one of his was crushed, which turned out cute.
Happy Easter!

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