My DCA Consignment Sale finds...

If you have a child and don't consignment shop for their clothes, you HAVE to start.  I've been going to DCA's sale now over 4 years.  It has totally changed the way we buy clothes for the kids.

I used to just shop the sale but then I heard consignors could shop a day early before the sale opens to the public. Once was all it took.  What's cool about it is that whatever I usually spend I make back from the sale of my clothes.  I won't lie, but it's a lot of work putting the clothes on a wire hanger, sorting by size, entering each item online, printing out the description and safety pinning it to your item.  It's time consuming and tedious, but once its all over it's well worth it.  You know, kind of like a garage sale; hard work but the reward is at the end when you get to pocket some money.

Please excuse the quality of the pics below.  My phone takes crappy pictures.

Here is what I got for Isaac:
 3 sweater vests, 3 polo's, 1 set of overalls, 4 shirts, 2 pair of shorts, 2 pair of pj's, 1 potty seat and 1 Dora video.  Yes, he's REALLY into Dora right now.

Here's what I got for Lucas:
12 polo shirts, 1 long sleeve dress shirt and vest. 2 pairs of pj's, 7 pair of shorts, 6 shirts, 1 pair camo pants, 1 pair jeans, 1 Indiana Jones toy whip and 1 Reader Rabbit Learn to read with phonics computer game.

What I got for myself:
4 Green gingham fabric lined Wendy Bellissimo baskets for $10

My grand total for my whole DCA loot was $125! 

Here are some pictures of the sale.


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