Week 23 – May 18, 2009

Look below for new pictures!
We’re in Gulf Shores this week on vacation. The weather was not that nice. We had Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of sun. Saturday, Sunday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday were either raining or cloudy. We had plans either shopping or other things. Thursday we went to the outlet mall shopping and then on Friday it was Lucas’ birthday. We let him pick out a toy (leaf blower) at Wal-mart and then took him to the movies for the first time. He did pretty good until the movie candy kicked in. By that time it was almost over. We saw Monsters v. Aliens. I wanted to see Up but it wouldn’t be out for another 5 days. We then went to McDonald's for lunch then back home for a nap. We decorated for his birthday, wrapped his presents and got him a little cupcake so he could blow out his candles. He had a great birthday!
We had an awesome time as this was our first “family” vacation together. Lucas didn’t get in the water much. There was a portion of the pool that was only 1 foot. He got in for the first time and after a while he fell in and got right back up. That was it for the water. He sat on the side and put his feet in but wouldn’t get in all the way. It was really cold so that also may be it.
At the pool one day I actually felt the baby kicking really high and asked Chad if he wanted to feel it. He finally got to feel this baby. I was so excited! The baby is getting really active now and letting me know they’re in there.
The pregnancy is going really good. A lot of the time I forget I’m pregnant. I think I feel much better this pregnancy than last. I only remember feeling a few times the last pregnancy when I enjoyed it. There was always a new symptom popping up. This time, so far, I feel really good and highly enjoying this pregnancy. I also feel much bigger than with Lucas. Next week is my doctor’s appointment and glucose test. We’ll see how much I’ve gained.

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