A trip to the doctor...

I now understand why children hate the doctor's office so much. Just about every child came out crying. We as parents purposely don't fill our children in on the shot portion of the visit because there's no way we could get them in the car. Well, today I was that parent who tricked my son into going to the doctor just for a "check up". Hey, I never lied and said there would be no shots. I just didn't mention the shot part of the check up. At least he's done with shots! It was horrible. There I was by myself with a 4 year old and a 9 month old baby and we had been sitting in this little room for almost an hour. Lucas couldn't figure out why we were just sitting there after the doctor's examination of them both. Then here came the nurse with 3 shots on that small tray and those bandaids ready to go. It took a while but then he figured it ALL out. Poor guy. It took me, the nurse doing the shots and an additional nurse to hold him down. That little dude is one strong guy. You'd thought we were going to cut his leg off. Poor Isaac had a melt down, too. He had not idea what was happening. Lucas was fine after the fact but tonight he's complaining that his leg is really hurting. I guess all parents go through this but it's hard to see your child in pain. Thank God Isaac wasn't due for any.
Both of my boys are growing great. Lucas is 32 lbs (25% and finally on the chart!) and 41 inches tall (75%). He's going to be tall and skinny is what the doctor said. Isaac is 21 lbs (65%) and 28 inches tall (70%). Hopefully Isaac will keep up the 70 percentile until he's done growing. At birth 18 inches long is considered short, in my opinion. I still think there was a mistake made.

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