Another child with food allergies

I took Isaac to the allergist Friday and found out he is allergic to milk, dust mites and cockroaches. I'm so glad I finally found out what it was that was causing him to be so fussy and in apparent pain. He's a totally different baby. He's so laid back and smiles all the time. I cannot believe the difference. I've decided to stop nursing and keep him on formula. He's already transitioned really well plus I'm afraid if I accidently eat milk I'd hate to see him have a reaction. I gave him teething tablets Saturday night and he broke out in a rash on his back and totally reverted back to his old self. I was so purplexed as to what it was. He was doing so good. I put two and two together and did some research online and found that there is milk in teething tablets. Go figure!!! I could not beleive how just a little bit could make him react like that.


  1. Poor Isaac. My Major has allergies and it is so pitiful when he struggles with them. He is allergic to eggs, peanuts and treenuts and has several seasonal allergies. I know the feeling but when you figure it out it is such a feeling of relief. Hopefully your little man will feel better soon. Check out They have a lot of info and good resources.

  2. Aw, poor Major. Lucas knows how he feels. So you know all about label reading, huh?
    Lucas is allergic to wheat, rice and barley. They decided to run a scope down his throat to determine why he's so little. That's when they found inflammation and sent him to an allergist. He was tested when he was 19 months old. He did the whole diet thing but once he turned 1 he ate what he wanted to and was fine. We're guessing he's grown out of it. He'll complain sometimes with his stomach and I'll give him some Pepto and he's fine.
    Isaac on the other hand will be different. He really reacts to what he's allergic to.