My poor sick baby :(

Ever since Isaac was brought home from the hospital it seems as though he's been sick. Thanksgiving was the first time he got sick enough to take him to the doctor. He got well for about two weeks and then a week or two later he got sick again. This time he much sicker than before. The doctor thought it was RSV but he tested negatively. After the second doctor visit the doctor still couldn't prescribe anything to treat his symptoms. She just said it was a virsus and it had to runs its course. At his 4 month check up on the 5th the doctor found he had an ear infection so they prescribed him Amoxocillin. Ten days later after his last dose he gets a runny nose and starts barking with this horrible cough Friday night. The next morning we took him to the doctor. He now had two ear and eye infections. The doctor said it was a viral virus and there was nothing to do but wait it out. He was put on Augmentin for his eyes and ears. By the next day, Sunday, he had diarrhea from the med. On Monday I called the doctor's office and they prescribed him Omnicept. He still continued to get worse and was wheezing by Tuesday so we loaded him back up and went to the doctor again. They diagnosed him as having non-RSV bronchiolitis. All the same symptoms of RSV but just didn't test positive for the virus. They gave him a breathing treatment and sent him home with a machine and treatments to do at home every 4 hours. That didn't seem to help but we kept doing them. Wednesday I stayed home from work and gave him treatments all day. Thursday I kept him home and dropped off Lucas at school. I found out there were 3 cases of RSV in Isaac's room. I went to work only to get a call from my mother in law telling me that Isaac was really sick and having difficulty breating. I ran home from work and Chad and I decided to take him to the ER at Vanderbilt Children’s. He has non-rsv bronchiolitis, which we knew. They suctioned him out pretty good, did a chest x-ray (which was clear) and tested him for rsv and flu. That if he had RSV he would have to be admitted. Both were negative, thank God. It’s a virus that will just have to run its course. He’s breathing much better and looks like he feels a little better. It's just going to take a few weeks before he's able to get over his cough. This last sickness was so bad we have decided to pull him out of school. When I took Lucas to school this week I learned that there were a total of 5 or 6 cases of RSV with one resulting in a 8 week old being admitted at Vandy Childrens'. He's just too young to go to school right now. His poor immune system just has not built up enough resistance yet to fight off all these viruses. Maybe during the summer and he's a little older we might try it again. But I have a feeling we'll have to keep him out until he's at least 18 months. Here's a pic of my poor little guy asleep in the swing doing a breathing treatment. :(

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