My baby turned 4 months old yesterday.

I cannot believe how fast 4 months have flown. Bye bye newborn. He has his 4 month check up tomorrow. He's been to the doctor twice in the last 3 weeks so I know he weighs 14 lbs. He probably hasn't gained any due to his stuffiness and teething. Poor guy. It's been 3 weeks this kid has been sick. He was even sick at Thanksgiving. Everybody thinks it's allergies but it has to be a virus and teething making him continue to stay sick. I hope so. Allergies are a whole different story I don't want to read right now.

Isaac's really is a good boy. He's started this thing now, though, where he cries if you're not in the room with him. He's fine if he can see you but once you're out of his sight I guess he gets lonely. And loves, loves, loves to be held. He'd let you hold him all day long.

He found his hands a few weeks ago. It's precious to just sit and watch him hold his paci and just stare at it. He's grabbing toys and putting everything in his mouth. He goes through bib after bib due to all the drooling. You can't pick him up over your head unless you want to get drooled on. Where is all this spit coming from? Every day I check his mouth and still no tooth.

Still sleeping in bed with me and Daddy's on the couch. Eventually he'll sleep in his crib and daddy in the bed. Some nights he'll only get up once and others it may be every 2 to 3 hours to eat and then right back to bed. He's pretty much on his own schedule. He likes to get up around 6/7:00 for the day. He naps around 9 and then again in the afternoon. He likes to get his bath around 4 or 5 and then a nap around 7 and then in bed with me around 8! Way too early for me. He's been sleeping pretty good and that's because I started letting him sleep on his stomach. HE LOVES IT. I know it's bad but he sleeps so much better.

He loves to chatter here lately. It's cute because I can hear his little voice. He's been laughing out loud more, too. He absolutely loves Lucas and looks for him all the time. I hope they're good friends. He just smiles at him all the time. You can tell he really adores him.

He rolled from his stomach to his back as early as like 4 weeks but now just rolls on his side. He's growing up so fast that I cannot believe he's not longer a newborn.

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